Started in 1978, Partners Fulfillment (formerly BWI) has a long track record of delivering on our clients logsitics needs.   Our company is going thru a new period of investment, growth, and expansion of facilities and geographies.  Below are a few client programs our team has managed in the past: 

Senior Leadership Team

  • Brian Alexander,  President/CEO - 19 years experience in managing large scale marketing programs and facilities across the US and Canada.

  • Mike Buckley, VP Operations - 25 years experience in logistics, warehousing and freight management for large retailers including the GAP and Walmart.

  • Sergio Gomez, CFO  - 15+ years experience in point-of-sale manufacturing and logistics for Fortune 100 clients like P&G, PepsiCo, and Kraft..

Board of Directors and Partners

  • Jim Jenness,  - 14 years as the Chairman & CEO and current board member of the Kellogg Company.  Board member of the Kimberly-Clark Corp.

  • Brian Grant - 35 years in Print and POP Management including founder and former President of Integrated Merchandising Systems.   Recipient of McDonald's Ronnie Red Shoe Award for over 25 years of service.